Neighbors in a Chattanooga subdivision say someone is pulling up to their homes and stealing their mail during the day.

A neighbor caught the thief in the act with his security camera.

Matt Bridgeman who lives in the Arbors subdivision was out of town when he received a notification on his phone from his security camera.

When he opened it, that's when he discovered someone he didn't know stealing his mail.

A dark gray car pulls up, the driver opens the mailbox, takes the mail out and drives away. It doesn't seem suspicious, but that's not the homeowner.

Matt Bridgeman, who is the homeowner, caught it all on camera Thursday.

"It just so happened that that's what I saw, which really took me off guard when I did see that,” Bridgeman said.

In his 10 years of living in the Arbors subdivision, Bridgeman has never had his mail stolen. He reported the theft to police and his homeowners association.

Bridgeman has an idea why the thief is going around the neighborhood.

"People are sending gift cards and money to their relatives and friends, so I think that's probably what they were looking for,” Bridgeman said.

He wasn't the only one targeted.

Bridgeman said his neighbor and others in the surrounding area also had their mail stolen.

Some of it ended up on Kirkman Road, which is about a half mile away. It was mostly junk mail.

"What really bothers me the most is I feel like my privacy has been violated and that's probably what is most disturbing,” Bridgeman said.

Police say mail theft isn't uncommon this time of year.

The U.S. Post Office lists several ways for how you can protect your mail.

They include avoid mailing cash, don't leave delivered mail unattended, hold mail at the local post office if you're out of town or rent a PO box.

Bridgeman has a message for the person responsible for taking his mail.

"Do the right thing. Just do the right thing, and if you need help, look for the appropriate resources to get help, but don't steal from people especially this time of the year,” Bridgeman said.

Bridgeman hopes that's the last he's seen of the mail thief. He plans to install more security cameras as a precaution.