With a brace on the arm grazed by a bullet, former radio personality Jeff Styles has found a new home voicing a new podcast.

“I enjoy the freedom it gives me. I get to cuss a lot more,” Styles said.

Free from an employer's rules and from criminal charges.

On Thursday, District Attorney Neal Pinkston dropped vandalism and aggravated assault charges that Styles says ruined his 26-year-long radio career.

In June, Styles stopped at a light at Grubb Road and Highway 153, got out of his car and hit another driver's windshield with a tomahawk-style weapon. The other driver shot at styles, grazing his arm. Police called it a road rage incident.

“I was definitely a target for no reason. I was just going too slow, and I told him to back off,” Styles explained.

Styles was arrested. The other driver was not charged.

“He doesn't respect the law and he doesn't respect the people he breaks it against, and he just committed the worst crime he has ever committed and was a given a free pass,” said Styles. “I thought I was the victim. Everybody thought I was the victim.”

WGOW-FM fired Styles shortly after the June road rage incident. Styles, who has now been cleared of any crime, says firing him was a “cowardly decision.” He has not been asked to come back, but Styles says if offered he would consider it.

WGOW-FM sent the following statement: 

"The company made it's decision to end its relationship with Jeff Styles on August 27th and at that time said there would be no further comment. "

“I've never had anything just strip me of essentially my life,” Styles said. “The one thing I had was my credibility and my credibility was just shattered during all of this because there was no acknowledgement of my side of the story.”

Styles says it's been a long road, but he's learned a lot.
“I am the same Jeff Styles. I am a little more humble. I fell a long ways.”