The last time Whitwell and South Pittsburg shared the football field, history was made when the Tigers defeated the Pirates for the first time in 28 games. One could argue that makes this Whitwell team legendary as is, but they're hungry for more.

"We want to be the only team in Whitwell to win state ever. That's our goal. We've got our minds set on it and that's what we're going to do," senior tight-end, Thundur Roberts, said.

I mean, come on, everybody wants to win a state championship. But what makes this team special isn't the region title or perfect record. It's about the future of Whitwell football.

"Us as seniors are trying to set the bar. So that when we leave, the teams behind us are still the same and the community is still the same behind the kids when we leave," senior running back, Hudson Petty, said.

And this isn't something that happened overnight. This sense of pride has been building and building to something more than just a game.

"That's what's so powerful about this game. Anything that can bring a community together is powerful and we get to do it by doing something that we love," head coach, Randall Boldin, said.

And though to the outside, their legacy may already be written. But when it comes to high school football, it's the student-athletes that write the script. So Tigers, how do you want to be remembered?

"I just hope they remember how hard we got and that we played together. We're like brothers on this team, we'd do anything for one another. I just how they remember that when we came through, we weren't like any of the old teams. We came ready to play and never gave up," Petty said.