One Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper is being named a hero after saving a woman's life.

Trooper Dale Herring has been with THP for less than two years, and he has already had a life-changing experience while on duty.

Last Friday, Herring was filing some paperwork at the Jasper post.

That's when he received a knock on the door from a woman looking for help because her sister was having difficulty breathing.

Herring offered to take her to the hospital himself.

“I can put lights and sirens on to get her there fast, but there really wasn't enough time,” said Dale Herring.

The woman had a medical condition Herring was not aware of.

“She wasn't moving she wasn't breathing,” said Herring. “Her ears are blue, or nose was the blue her lips were blue, and her whole entire face was turning blue.”

Herring called for EMS and asked the sister to go to his patrol car to get this medical bag he had stocked himself.

He placed a CPR mask over the woman face.

“More rescue breaths and continued CPR,” said Herring. “On the third set of chest compressions that was when she starts to take her first breath on her own.”

Herring had only done CPR one other time.

But he was ready and prepared to do compressions until a medical unit showed up.

“Wow, I was happy, but I was also a little shocked,” said Herring.

Later on in the day, Herring went to the hospital to check on the woman.

“She didn't remember any of it she was awake she is very talkative and I got to laugh at her,” said Herring.

The sister of the woman told Trooper Herring this incident has motivated her to learn how to do CPR.