Violent school bus crashes already making headlines round the country and the school year has just begun.
School buses are big, heavy and tough to maneuver, especially in bad weather.
But now, a brand new system for school buses senses danger and takes control of the bus automatically, literally helping to steer the bus out of danger.
This can be a game changer and save lives.
NBC's Jeff Rossen is on board for the dramatic test.

The country's largest school bus maker says they've developed new technology to prevent many of these crashes and save kids' lives. 
Experts say school buses are still the safest way for kids to get to school.
This technology just makes them even safer.
The company that came up with this technology, IC Bus, is huge supplier of school buses.
In fact, nearly two-thirds of all kids ride UC Buses to school every day.
Now, they're installing this technology in every new school bus they build as standard equipment.