Paris-based drugmaker Sanofi will be relocating 160 jobs from its Chattanooga location to New Jersey.

A spokesperson for Sanofi says the company, which purchased Chattem in 2010, is moving its commercial jobs to Bridgewater, New Jersey.

"Moving our commercial organization to Bridgewater will allow us to align with other U.S. businesses and functions here at Sanofi and build a simplified, agile team," says Sanofi spokesperson Ashleigh Koss. "This will allow us to more effectively serve the consumers who rely on our products."

The spokesperson says the company's manufacturing jobs will not be impacted.

"We will retain a significant presence in Chattanooga as our manufacturing operations will not be impacted by this restructure and move," says Koss.

Sanofi is known for its products such as Gold Bond, Icy Hot, and Allegra.

The company said 20 field sales representatives not included in the 160, which was specific to Chattanooga based impacted employees, will also be affected by this restructure. The representatives are based in other locations.

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