Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy says his department's new public safety cameras have helped solve numerous violent crimes.

The cameras have also reduced crime and increased public safety. He says he wants the cameras to represent the Chattanooga Police Department.

"But the greatest goal is that it would prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime,” Chief Roddy said.

Chattanooga police just completed the second phase of installing new public safety cameras throughout the city, bringing the total to 29.

CPD did several analyses to determine where the cameras should go.

In the last six months, there were a total of 30 video requests from investigators and other officers. Out of those 30, 22 had usable video evidence to catch the right suspects.

It's a stat Chief Roddy says has made all the difference for them.

"The impact of the video that we have seen, we aren't talking about the minor impacts of crime. We are talking about homicides. We're talking about where members of our community, children, have been harmed,” Roddy said.

The cameras have helped solve other crimes like auto theft, robbery, and carjackings.

Last month, the cameras helped catch the suspect in the Dodson Avenue hit and run where a 3-year-old was injured.

The news cameras are included in the CPD budget for the fiscal year.

Chief Roddy says if the cameras help the city, it’s worth every penny.

"The use of the cameras and the leverage of the technology that you see behind me going toward reducing our homicide and shooting numbers, I absolutely believe offsets any financial impact that this system has,” Roddy said.