Within the past week, police say they have received two calls from homeowners on Mt. Olivet Road about suspicious activity, and an attempted theft just 3 miles over on Apison Road. 

April Bagby has lived off Mt. Olivet Road for almost a year. She says it is where her family feels safe after escaping past experiences with burglars. 

“That's just a fear that never goes away,” said Bagby.

However, Bagby says she felt that same fear Monday night while she was at home with her husband and 3-year-old daughter.

“I heard two soft knocks at the door,” she said. “I saw nobody so I assumed they were seeing if we were awake and were trying to get in our vehicles.” 

Bagby's husband immediately called 911. Since then, more Cohutta police have been patrolling her neighborhood.

Assistant Chief Kyle Moreno says Bagby's home has not been the only target. 

“I was told this morning by a lady that she noticed a guy with a flashlight who said his car broke down but there was no car. She couldn't tell me his name because he didn't give it to her,” Moreno explained.

It is not clear who the prowler is, but the incidents have all happened at night. 

“It's potentially dangerous to be prowling around outside someone's house or attempting to burglarize it and the homeowner has a firearm,” said Moreno. 

Moreno is urging armed homeowners to use common sense and know your rights before firing.

In the meantime, Bagby has another approach. 

“I am one that never was big on locking my door through the day and my husband immediately locks it when he gets in. We used to argue about that; no arguments anymore,” Bagby said.

Police are reminding residents to call 911 immediately and give a description if they were to spot a suspicious person.

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PREVIOUS STORY: The Cohutta Police Department has asked residents to be aware of two prowler calls their officers have fielded in the Whitfield County community.

The late night calls have been on Mt. Olivet Road, according to the Facebook post. They warn that their officers, as well as those from neighboring communities, will be focusing attention on would-be prowlers with extra patrols.

As a secondary note in the post, police reminded the potential bad guys that snooping around homes in "an area that is very pro second amendment" might not be the best idea.

Residents were also reminded call 911 immediately and give a description if they were to spot a suspicious person, and asked:

"PLEASE use your common sense when exercising your second amendment rights, and always abide by the required laws."