In today's Your 3 Cents, Rosemary called in to say she recently had ladybugs swarming in and around her house and wanted to know why and what she needed to do.

Well, Rosemary, FIRST of all, let's not go too hard on the ladybug, or lady beetle as it's also known. It is, after all, the state insect of Tennessee.

Not only that, but they have a voracious appetite for aphids which have a voracious appetite for your rose bushes. They enjoy the taste of a number of other insects, also, that are harmful to your plants.

But that may not give you any comfort when they are hanging out in your house.  They reproduce in the spring but will overwinter in homes. They are attracted by older. Light colored homes near wooded areas. Fortunately, they will not eat anything inside or cause damage to your home, but they do contain a toxin that might be harmful to pets if they eat some.

So how do you get rid of them? I checked several sources, and apparently, a shop vac and elbow grease is the best solution.
There are treatments to prevent them from coming in, however. You might want to call your local pest control company for more info on that.

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