The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is trying to increase safety in county schools. Sheriff Steve Lawson launched a new team to manage potential threats to area schools. 

The team will be made up of sheriff's officers, mental health professionals, and teachers. It’s to make sure every threat is thoroughly investigated.

It's a first for the Tennessee Valley; a school assessment team is now organized for Bradley County Schools.

“We will look at threats when they come in, we will screen them here along with the District Attorney's Office. If we think it needs to be looked at further, we will assemble the team,” said Bradley County Sheriff Steve Lawson.

The 11-person team will address any real threats to the schools, individual students or faculty members. They will create a game plan for whenever a school-related threat is reported. “Do we need to investigate further? Can we end it with us looking at it initially? Maybe we can shut down something bad happening in a school.”

The committee does not cost taxpayers any additional money. "A lot of volunteer time. A lot of volunteer time.”

Last week the sheriff introduced members of the team to the Bradley County School Board. Sheriff Lawson said establishing this program was an easy decision for everyone involved.

“I think everybody working together; to make sure we simply do the right thing. I don't want to punish a kid and ruin a kid for life, but we do want to pay attention to the threats in this county and take them serious,” he said.

To help stop any potential threats, Bradley County students are encouraged to download the Stopit app. In the app, students can report problems using their school's unique code, it also allows students to add photos or write comments about the threat.

"Our office will devote all necessary resources, including assigning a senior prosecutor to the team, to give all support necessary to assist law enforcement carry out the critical mission of school safety. I am grateful to Sheriff Steve Lawson for assembling this team and taking another step in securing our schools," added District Attorney Steve Crump. 

Members of the Team Include:

Detective Sergeant Kevin White (Team Leader)

Bradley County Sheriffs Office

Criminal Investigations Division


Lieutenant Douglas Towne

Bradley County Sheriffs Office 

School Resource Officers Supervisor


Paul Moyle 

10th Judicial District Attorney General’s Office


Dr. Ben Biller

Health Management Services


Vickie Towne

Bradley County Juvenile Director


Tim Gobble

Tennessee Board of Parole

United States Secret Service (Retired)

Former Bradley County Sheriff

Trained in Threat Assessment


Scotty Hernandez

Bradley County Schools

Director of Safety


Barry Brakebill

Special Agent Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (Retired)

Trained in Threat Assessment


Ruth Ann White

Bradley County Schools 

Special Education Supervisor


Captain John Stone (Support Team Member)

Bradley County Sheriffs Office

Criminal Investigations Division


Captain Jon Collins (Support Team Member)

Bradley County Sheriffs Office 

Patrol Services Division