President Trump said in a tweet Friday that it’s time for Georgia to “move on” from Tuesday’s election. The drama over the heated race for governor is still playing out in election offices. But it may end by the middle of next week when Tuesday’s election is likely to become official.

Reider Bjornard’s first election was in 1962. He was among the hundreds of thousands of Georgians who went to the polls Tuesday. But because the 100-year-old retired theologian forgot his ID, he had to cast a provisional ballot Tuesday, compelling him to make the Friday drive to the DeKalb election office to get his provisional ballot verified.

"He wanted to make sure his vote was counted and we wanted to make sure it was counted as well," said John Hyatt, Bjornard's son-in-law.

In a governor’s election pitting the state’s chief election officer, Republican Brian Kemp, against a voter registration activist, Democrat Stacey Abrams, the last minute tangle over getting votes counted was perhaps predictable.

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