RED BANK, Tn. - If you've ever had the privilege to watch Red Bank's Calvin Jackson play, it probably results in asking, how in the world did he do that?

"You got to keep your head on a swivel. You can't stay staring down field. You got to look at almost everything and that's what I do," Jackson said.

Oh, that's not the only thing the kid does. Along with breaking ankles and embarrassing opposing defenses, Jackson is the leader of the undefeated Red Bank Lions. And like his style of play, he leads in a way only he knows how.

"He's vocal in a sense that he has great positive energy. He's a funny guy, he's charismatic. Our kids enjoy being around him and that's what he brings to our locker room," Red Bank head coach, Chris Brown, said.

"Being a leader on the team feels good. To have guys look up to you. It's just a good feeling," Jackson said.

Jackson's the type of player a coach dreams about. Getting it done in all three phases. In his high school career he's racked up over 5600 yards from scrimmage and 82 touchdowns. It shouldn't surprise you when hearing his mindset.

"Yeah every play you got to hope to score. You got to have your mindset like, I'm going to score. Not, I'll get a few yards here, few yards there, no you have to set your mind, yeah I'm scoring every play," Jackson said.

When it comes to an athlete like Jackson, there are simply some things you just can't teach. As for an explanation on how he does it? Even he can't give you that.