More than 5.5 million United States veterans are living with a disability. Many are facing everyday challenges such as bathing. This is said to be the motivating factor for Hullco who has built a bathtub for one retired Tennessee Valley hero.

Col. Daniel Stovall served as a helicopter mechanic in the United States Army for 18 years. During that time he was stationed in Virginia, Germany, and Tullahoma before coming to his home in Chattanooga.

Recent medical complications with diabetes caused Stovall to lose his leg, which has made some tasks harder not only for him but for his wife Linda.

Linda Stovall said, "It's manageable. It's a lot but you know I depend on my Lord, so I have been able to manage so far and I believe we will make it."

In honor of Veteran's Day, Hullco is hoping its Baths for the Brave program will improve the lives of those who served. 

Retired Col. Daniel Stovall said, "Even with two legs, taking a shower and losing your balance and literally fell out of the tub. Because of that, I'm racking my brain about how I am going to do it with just one leg."

Stovall says his two daughters nominated the veteran to receive a new bath tub from Hullco and the retired Col. says he was shocked when he found out he was chosen.

"As a veteran people say well you know, 'thank you for your service,' but that's it. They don't go much further than that,” said Stovall.

In an effort to honor our nation's veterans, 10 home improvement companies from across the United States are partnering to provide deserving veterans with new bath tubs or showers.