A Jackson County, Alabama couple are "thankful to be alive" after a tornado nearly missed their home. 

The tornado touched down just outside of Scottsboro is one of two tornadoes confirmed by the National Weather Service. 

Kenneth Lynch and his wife were asleep inside their home off Jackson County Road 110 when a tornado touched down nearby.

"Wife wakes up. Oh my god what do we do, I told her go get in the closet. That's all you can do at that point," said Lynch.

A large tree narrowly missed their home by just a few feet.

"Nobody got hurt, that's the only thing that was really going through my head. Is you know, nobody got hurt. You know, it totaled out at least two of the vehicles parked out here. You know we got insurance to replace the stuff, but you can't replace each other," said Lynch. 

The National Weather Service confirms a tornado touched down near the Lynch's home. They are surveying damage today.