U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen hit the polls in Nashville on Election Day.

The two-term former Tennessee governor cast his ballot at Hillsboro Presbyterian Church in Nashville Tuesday morning.

Bredesen is described as a moderate Democrat with an independent streak and is in a very tight race with his opponent, Republican Marsha Blackburn.

Blackburn took advantage of early voting and cast her ballot in Williamson County ahead of Election Day.

The race to fill retiring GOP Senator Bob Corker’s seat has turned into the most expensive in Tennessee history with outside groups pouring millions of dollars into ads.

The president and vice president traveled to Chattanooga Sunday to hold a rally for Blackburn.

Bredesen held an interfaith luncheon in Chattanooga before the president arrived and told reporters why he doesn’t use the term Democrat to describe himself.

"I belong to the Democratic Party, it's an organization I belong to. It's not a religion. I have a world view of things. It overlaps more with the Democratic Party but my worldview comes from me, not from the cannons of the Democratic Party, it also overlaps some with the Republicans, I guess,” Bredesen said.

Corker has not said who he voted for, saying he endorses Blackburn but will not campaign against his friend, Bredesen.

Channel 3 has a crew in Nashville following the race. Stay with us on air and online for updates.