More than 67,000 people early voted in Hamilton County and nearly 130,000 thousand people in the county can still vote on Election Day.

"Just because of the political climate, the way that it is, we we're already preparing for a heavier than usual turnout in this election," said Kerry Steelman, Administrator of Elections.

More than 900 election workers and volunteers will be out across Hamilton County Tuesday.

Steelman said this midterm election is being treated like a presidential one.

But with a lot of people, can come some problems. Steelman tells Channel 3 it’s important to know if you run into any issues at the polls, you can still cast your ballot.

"There are always things that arise leading up to election day, but one thing that I want to assure for voters is when they arrive at a polling place, they will vote," urged Steelman.

For example, what if you don't have your state or federal-issued ID when you go to vote?

Or what if your polling location says you’re not registered to vote there, but you believe you are?

That's where provisional ballots come in.

"If any of these reasons occur, or any of these situations occur where again a voter is not on the poll books, a voter does not have the approved photo ID, state or federal photo ID, then they can vote when they arrive at that polling site, they just will vote a provisional ballot," explained Steelman.

Provisional ballots are used whenever there is any issue.

The voter who casts a provisional ballot has a certain amount of time to provide whatever documentation is missing or needed to the election commission.

After a voter provides proof of their eligibility to vote, then their ballot will be counted.

Steelman said more people voted in Hamilton County during early voting than normally vote in a midterm election altogether. So, even with the threat of severe weather on Election Day they are expecting a good turnout.

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