Auto burglaries and thefts have spiked in Hamilton County.

Sheriff Jim Hammond says in the past two weeks, 36 vehicle break-ins and 13 car thefts have occurred.

People in the Canyons neighborhood plan to take action against these crimes.

"We are definitely going to be much more cautious and slow down going forward, making sure we have security cameras running, doors locked, keys’ inside, everything like that,” Karen Gandy said.

Karen Gandy’s husband's truck was stolen early Wednesday morning. Her neighborhood was hit by burglars who went searching through people's cars and stealing their stuff. They stole her husband’s 2007 Toyota Tacoma right from their driveway.

She tells Channel 3, this is the first incident they've had at their home and it had her daughters shaken.

"They didn't really know how to interpret what had happened," Gandy said. "'Why is dad's car gone? When are we going to get it back?”

Fortunately, authorities found the truck in less than 24 hours in good condition.

Their children's car seats were thrown out, but she is happy the truck is okay.

"Oh absolutely. We were very happy to have it returned to our home. You know, it was like 20 pounds lifted off our shoulders immediately,” Gandy said

We told Gandy about the rash of car thefts in the area.

At Sheriff Jim Hammond's press conference, he revealed 13 cars have been stolen in the past two weeks.

And perhaps even worse than the car thefts, eight guns have been taken from cars, which is something Gandy says isn't easy to think about.

"That’s scary. Knowing that they are in the hands of someone that has the spirit to do something as mean as steal a vehicle or break in to people’s cars and steal their personal belongings,” Gandy said.

She believes everyone should feel safe in their own home.

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