CHATSWORTH, Ga. - Before North Murray head coach Preston Poag took over the program in 2016, the Mountaineers were nothing more than a win on the schedule for opposing teams. Now, after back-to-back winning seasons, they believe it's their time.

"We've done all that, and it's nice to see them grow, and just not being happy to make the playoffs. You play for a region championship, you get in the playoffs, and you just see what happens. But no matter what, you believe, whoever you play, that you can beat them. And that's where I think our cultures changed, it's changed, our kids play hard, and they believe that," Poag said.

But, in football, things don't always go as planned, which in turn could be the spark a team needs. For the Mountaineers, that includes a close loss at the hands of Haralson County.

"Just having it sit there for two weeks and just having that 2-point loss just there. We all have a little anger inside of us and we're all ready to go out and play because we've had to sit here for two weeks like this," North Murray quarterback Preston Poag Jr. said.

And in those two weeks, North Murray didn't go near the panic button, but they know what's on the line.

"We're all urgent right now. We have to get after it or we're not going to get to the place we want to get to. These next two games we've got to play our best games," Poag Jr. said.

Because if their time is truly now, then they'll need to put that new culture on full display.

"To move your program forward, you've got to improve every year. Get in those big games, play really good, and win some of them," Poag said.