UPDATE: A victim is facing charges after his vehicle was stolen at a gas station on Broad Street.

Just after 6:00 pm Sunday, Chattanooga police officers were called to the Raceway gas station in the 2500 block of Broad Street.

Donald Domino, 23, told officers that his vehicle was stolen while he was in the gas station. He said he left his vehicle running while he was inside, according to Chattanooga police.

Domino told CPD that he saw a white female driving away in his vehicle, so he shot at the vehicle twice; one bullet pierced the windshield. 

Investigators determined that the gas station parking lot was full of customers when the vehicle was stolen and Domino fired shots. They came to the conclusion that Domino was "not in imminent danger and unnecessarily used deadly force to stop an auto theft," CPD said.

Domino faces charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. Tammy Zirk, a gun and self-defense instructor and owner of Zirkops, says its because he broke the law.

“You can’t defend property. It doesn’t matter what kind of property it is. If it’s not yourself or another person’s life, you cannot use deadly force,” Zirk said. "Deadly force can only be used if you or another person are in fear of death or serious bodily injury." 

But what's considered property?

Zirk says you can consider your car, your home, even the decorations on your front porch as property, but that's not all.

“Your pet of all things is considered property; you can’t defend it. [That includes] trespassing. You can’t use deadly force for somebody just because they’re trespassing,” Zirk explained. 

Zirk says there's a fine line between defending what's yours and breaking the law. That's why it's important to know your rights.

“I understand both sides of it. I understand the law is really hard to enforce, but I also understand if I was in that situation I would want to do the same thing so it’s just tough," Zirk said. 

East Ridge police officers found the stolen vehicle and the female driver, 35-year-old, Denise Farmer in the 6500 block of Ringgold Road. Police say Farmer had drugs on her when they arrested her, and she tried to free herself using a sharp item that was found in her mouth. She has a lengthy criminal record and faces new charges of theft of property over $10,000, possession of controlled substance, resisting arrest or obstruction of legal process and tampering with or fabricating evidence. 
Both Farmer and Domino were booked into the Hamilton County Jail. They will face a judge early next week. Their court dates have been set for different days.

Members of the Major Crimes Bureau are investigating.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police said no one was shot at a Broad Street gas station after responding to a shots fired call.

It happened around 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Officers said a woman left the Raceway in a car that was not hers. Police later found her and the car.

Investigators are questioning the woman.

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