OOLTEWAH, Tn. - Think of a few things that go better together. Peanut butter and jelly. Maybe a chilly fall night complemented with some hot chocolate. For the Ooltewah Owls there's no better combo than Kyrell Sanford and Sincere Quinn.

"I've been playing with him since 9th grade. It all started here. That's my brother. I look at him like family. Nothing could bring us any closer," Quinn said.

Family to them, but a nightmare to opposing defenses. Sanford and Quinn enhance one another unlike any QB, running back tandem.

"We pretty much trick the defense. They expect as a little quarterback, I'm going to slide or run out of bounds. Nah, I'm trying to change the game, do a little hitting. Since, like you said, catch me if you can, juking, shifty," Sanford said.

But it's not all about what they do to the other team. Its how they've been helping their own, and that even includes the coaching staff.

"Well it makes you a lot better coach when you're handing the ball to Sincere or letting Kyrell run around. Those guys have bought in to what we're trying to do,” Ooltewah head coach Scott Chandler said.

This Ooltewah team as a whole has bought in and its lead them to a 6-2 record with a chance to lock up a home playoff game. And there's no doubt it will be another night at the office for the lethal duo of Sanford and Quinn. But no matter how fast they are and hard they hit, they know to enjoy it too.

"It's my senior year so I've got to give it my all. We go out there and fight hard, this group is just, you know," Quinn said.

“It's amazing, it's my last year. I'm just enjoying it with the people that I'm playing with," Sanford said.