UPDATE: The city of Red Bank tells Channel 3 that the Ashland Terrace road work to replace culverts and underground infrastructure is now complete. 

Drivers, who navigated several detours to avoid the area, can now return to their normal routes.

The work faced two delays, pushing the completion dates back twice. The most recent date of January 4 means the work was finished over a week ahead of schedule.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Ashland Terrace road project completion date has been moved to January 4, 2019.

The City of Red Bank cites heavy rains, below normal temperatures, holidays and concrete cure time for the delay.

PREVIOUS STORY: According to the City of Red Bank, the Ashland Terrace road work completion date has been pushed back due to weather conditions.

Road work on Ashland Terrace is now expected to be completed on December 17 instead of the original date of December 6.  Heavy rains and below normal temperatures are to blame for the delay. 

You can follow along with updates on the construction and other information on the Ashland Terrace road project website, or inside the WRCB app. 

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Road work continues on Ashland Terrace in Red Bank and will require more lane closures.

The Chattanooga Department of Transportation (CDOT) says crews will begin gas line work on Monday.

The work will happen between Tacoma Avenue and Thrushwood Drive. Crews will close the right eastbound lane until the work is finished.

CDOT says the second eastbound lane will be closed Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

CDOT says eastbound traffic will be shifted into the center, two-way left-turn lane during these second lane closures. 

This project will continue down the full length of Ashland Terrace, across Hixson Pike, and run down N. Access Road to Memphis Drive. 

The project is expected to be completed by March 1, 2019.

View CDOT's map of events and road closures for full details of projects underway in our public space.      

Stay with the WRCB app for traffic updates.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: For the next 6 weeks, parts of Ashland Terrace in Red Bank will be closed to drivers.

Channel 3 caught one driver, Amber Bean, trying to find her way around the work area and she says, "I don't mind the inconvenience, I wasn't expecting it this morning, but I think most of us are making do, we'll get around it."

Bean lives on Signal Mountain and uses Ashland Terrace for her daily commute and says she is happy the work is being done.

“It's inconvenient for now, but in the long run, it's going to help tremendously... So we just have to support it, work around it best we can,” said Amber Bean.

Only a small portion of Ashland terrace is closed from Tacoma Avenue to Dayton Boulevard.

Workers will be repairing a damaged culvert along the road.

According to officials, the best way to get around the work area is to either use Gadd road or Memorial drive.

City officials say traffic will be affected but businesses may not.

The operations manager of Maxi Auto Service, Nathan Rhodes says he doesn't expect business will be impacted from the road closure.

He expects traffic to be slower but says his customers are still able to make their appointments just the same.

“So far business is still good, I mean we haven't had any issues of someone having to make it to the parking lot, picking up vehicles or dropping them off… it's basically just stopping the flow of traffic at the light going up Ashland terrace,” says Nathan Rhodes.

Road work is expected to be completed by December 6th.

ORIGINAL STORY: Road work on Ashland Terrace will impact drivers for several weeks.

Beginning Wednesday, October 24, Ashland Terrace will close from Dayton Boulevard to Tacoma Avenue in both directions.

Red Bank officials expect the road to be closed for around 30-45 days. The section is scheduled to reopen around December 6.

While the road is closed, crews will replace a culvert that recent area infrastructure reviews showed needs repairs.

“The city asks your patience during construction as detouring traffic around the intersection of Ashland Terrace at Dayton Boulevard will be challenging,” Interim City Manager Tim Thornbury said. ”But, the difficulties the closure creates far outweighs the potential consequences of an unanticipated structural failure.”

For more information, visit the Ashland Terrace Project website.