The smack talk against Alabama is in full force ahead of Saturday's football game.

"Their team is filthy," said UT freshman Noah Bond.

Most of East Tennessee can agree Alabama is the team everyone loves to hate.

But at what point does harmless heckling become a fist fight? Football games can get dangerous for the fans, regardless of the opponent.

"It's football man, I mean it's the game of football it's the most exciting sport in the world," said UT sophomore Jerome Dooley Jr.

When his team loses?

"I'm not happy, nobody talk to me that day," he said.

He's not alone. Vol fans have some history with being a little short tempered.

Even Peyton Manning took the brunt of it when he was a student.

"I remember one game against Memphis State, I didn't play a very good game and thought I heard a few boos," Manning told WBIR back in 1995. "Being Archie Manning's son playing with the Saints, I was used to boos. But that's pro football. Pro football, you're allowed to. I hadn't really heard of boos in college football. So I didn't appreciate that much."

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