Chattanooga police are clearing a person named as a suspect in a string of ATM robberies.

The man who was falsely accused met with detectives and their investigation is now going a different direction.

In this case, the man seen in surveillance video called Channel 3, and police took another look, clearing his name.

Police said surveillance video paired with ATM's in which skimmers had been placed, pointed to a man who appeared to be posing as a person who serviced the machines.

Channel 3 had pictures of him, his truck, and of the skimmers and cameras that had been installed on ATMs in Circle K stores across the region.

It turns out the man shown in our report was actually an ATM technician and is not the person who stole information from bankcards.

The falsely accused man called in and talked with investigators, who regret the mix-up.

"That's correct. He is not responsible," says Detective Larry Lockmiller with the Chattanooga Police Department. “It was determined that he was not a person of interest any longer and the investigation is still ongoing."

Detective Lockmiller says this case is back to square one.

If you have any information on skimmers and cameras being mounted on ATMs in convenience stores, call Crime Stoppers at 423-698-3333.

That lined in manned 24-hours a day and no one will ever ask for your name.