WHITWELL, Tn. - "It's something that everybody knows. That we haven't beat South Pittsburg in a really long time and we're ready to change that," Whitwell linebacker, Thundur Roberts, said.

It's been a really long time. In fact, not one person on the Whitwell Tigers has been alive to see them defeat South Pittsburg. Talk about pressure, right?

"It's not really big pressure, I don't feel like. It's just another game. We got to execute and might as well win," Whitwell running back/safety, Hudson Petty, said.

It's a bit more than just another game. Both teams coming in a perfect 7-0 with Friday night more than likely determining the 1A, Region 3 title and home field advantage in the playoffs.

"We just want to send a message that we're ready for anybody," Whitwell quarterback, Warner Ashworth, said.

But the Whitwell Tigers aren't just trying to be anybody. This is a program that's been building a strong foundation for something more than just football.

"We play some really proud programs. Some good football communities and that's something we're trying to build here. Our kids are starting to understand that. They're starting to understand that football is way more important and it goes beyond just me and them. It's a whole community and anything that can bring a community together, that's powerful," Whitwell head coach, Randall Boldin, said.

And there's no doubting the communities that will come together for one of the best high school football games you will see in the state of Tennessee. But if you ask any member on either team, they'll just be worried about themselves, because after all, it's just another game, right?

"Play hard, don't give up, and be ready when your number's called,” Roberts said.