So many of the bad guys we feature dress the part when they are committing crimes. They cover themselves and sometimes even wear gloves and a face mask. But, this guy has figured out a way to fit right in and police say, in plain sight, he is stealing your identity and emptying your bank account.

"The pictures that you will see is the suspect that is adding the skimmer device to the ATMs," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. The problem is, this guy looks like he should be servicing the machines. He has dressed the part, he drives a plain white utility van, he even wears a name tag on his waistline.

The perp favored Circle K stores in the month of September. "He was coming about 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning to each individual store," Sgt. Miller explained. "He hit the Shallowford Road Area, Brainerd Road, Amnicola Highway, multiple locations throughout the city."

Investigators provided pictures of what he was installing. His skimmer is a carbon copy of the card intake and simply attaches with two-sided tape. This guy was going a step further, too. "They're adding the camera directly above the keypad so they can look directly at that as you're entering the numbers," Miller continued.

Where a tug on the hardware before inserting your credit or debit card might alert you to the skimming device, the tiny camera is nearly impossible to detect."So, in addition to checking to see if the scammer's on that ATM or that machine," said Miller, "also cover up your PIN number as you're entering it into the machine."

Back to the bad guy. Have a close look at the pictures. He is a white male, he is heavy-set, and looks to be around 6-feet tall. "He's wearing some glasses that could stand out and puts them on top of his head," Miller added. "So, you should be able to recognize him immediately if you know who he is."

Your tip can help save a number of your neighbors a whole lot of heartache they never asked for in the first place. "We know about multiple skimming devices in Chattanooga that he's responsible for," Sgt. Miller said, "and that is multiple customers and citizens that are in each one of those locations."

Help police get this guy before he gets your information. We have up to $1,000 reward for your good information.

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