For about a month, McKamey has been overflowing with cats and dogs.

When Hurricane Florence hit, McKamey took in about 75 animals from the Carolinas.

Now, families are packed in the shelter trying to adopt a pet.

“It's unfortunate what happened there, and these dogs need a home,” Mindy Chasin said.

Mindy Chasin and her family are looking for a service dog for her son, Skyler.

She said she's concerned about her sons' health and hopes to find a good fit for their family.

“He has autism, and he also has partial seizures which is really hard for anybody to detect because it's staring,” Chasin said.

Chasin said it can cost thousands to have a dog trained, but it will be worth it.

She said the dog will be able to detect when Skyler has a seizure.

“It will notify him by getting closer to him,” Chasin said. “It will notify us by coming to get us.”

Chasin said she's glad McKamey is waving adoptions fees, so she can save some extra money.

Paula Hurn with McKamey said it's important to make room for future animals.

She said deals helps families and the shelter, but most of all, the animals are still getting everything they need.

“Appropriate vaccinations they will be spayed or neutered and they will be a microchip,” Paula Hurn said. “So that's more than $25 to begin with.”

So far, about 100 pets have been adopted.

If you would like to add a furry addition to your family, McKamey is waiving adoption fees until 4:00 pm Sunday.