Patt Gibson has been bringing a positive attitude to work with her at the Chattanooga Police Department for nearly 25 years.

“I love everybody I work with, and I love my community,” Gibson said.

She’s made a big impression on the people she’s worked with.

“They’re like my family. I have celebrated births, and we’ve been through some deaths even with officers, and we just always seem to come together,” Gibson told Channel 3.

When she started, Gibson worked as a dispatcher. She said she applied for the job because she loved helping people.

She now works as an administrative assistant at the Family Justice Center where she comes in contact with families and survivors on their worst days. What’s served Gibson well through the years has been her warm personality and ability to comfort others.

“She's always very inviting and friendly to everyone, so she creates a great atmosphere for the folks who come to work each day,” Lt. Scott Bales, with the Chattanooga Police Department, said.

“She is always a person with a smile on her face and the best attitude to deal with difficult situations,” Kristen Pavlik McCallie, Executive Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center, said.

In 2014, Gibson helped launch the Bolt Bag Project in Chattanooga. Officers pass out bags filled with essential items to survivors looking to escape abusive situations.

“They might not want to leave that day but they'll have that bag, and it'll give them enough toiletries to get through the night,” Gibson explained.

Through the years, she’s seen plenty of changes and watched countless promotions.

“It's so exciting. For instance, I used to send Chief Roddy on calls when I was in dispatch, and now he's a chief, and to me, it's real heartwarming to have watched all of them grow up basically here and go through their careers and see how they've turned out,” Gibson said.

The people who do the tough jobs depend on Gibson to keep the smiles coming, and she is a bright spot in their day.

“I couldn't have chosen a better career, and I'm so proud to be with the Chattanooga Police Department,” Gibson said.

Gibson will celebrate her 25th anniversary with the Chattanooga Police Department in February but says she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.