UPDATE: The woman police say made a false 911 call that led to a man's death on New Year's Day has passed away, according to an obituary.

The obituary from Moore Funeral Home in Trenton, GA, said Dorothy Marie Gass passed away on November 1.

Gass was indicted by a Walker County grand jury in October.

Police said Gass told a dispatcher that her daughter-in-law threatened to kill her children and herself. That call resulted in the death of Mark Parkinson.

PREVIOUS STORY: A grand jury in Walker County indicted Dorothy Gass, the woman accused of making a false 911 call that led to a man’s death.

GBI spokesperson Nelly Miles confirms that there is a bench warrant issued for the arrest of Gass for making a false statement, which is a felony. Miles says the GBI and District Attorney are working with Gass's attorney to make her arrest happen.

Police said Gass told a dispatcher her daughter-in-law threatened to kill her children and herself. Mark Parkinson was killed after that call was made.

The indictment comes three and a half months after a lower court dismissed a case against her.

"He was such a good husband and father,” Diana Parkinson said about her late husband Mark. “He took such good care of us. The backbone of our family is gone.

Not a day goes by that Diana doesn't think about her late husband, Mark.

"I can't express just how bad my past ten months have been since Mark was killed. I feel as though a shroud has been over me and I just can't get over it," Diana said.

On New Year’s Day she and her husband woke up in the middle of the night to their dogs barking. Diana said Mark grabbed his gun to see what was happening. A deputy standing outside their home saw the gun and fired three shots through the window, killing mark.

Ten months later, those are the terrifying memories that stick with her.

"If I shut my eyes, I see him lying in the floor, bleeding out,” Diana said tearfully. “When I go to bed at night I have to try to think of something else so I don't see that."

Diana's daughter was living with them at the time. Police said her mother in law, Gass, called 911 claiming Diana’s daughter threatened to kill her children and herself. A story the GBI said she made up.

Gass originally faced one misdemeanor count of false report of a crime, but that charge was dropped.

Diana said learning about the new criminal charges gave her hope. She believes it's a step towards healing she hasn't had in almost a year.

"It was like there was a light shining,” Diana said. “It has been so hard. It's like everywhere we turn there was no justice for Mark. That's all I'm asking for, is justice for Mark."

Diana is hopeful this time the charges will stick. She also plans to file a civil suit.