The Alternative Baseball Organization is filling a much-needed void in the sporting world. It's a league dedicated to anyone 15 or older who has autism or special needs. 

The league was started in Atlanta by Taylor Duncan and has spread across the country.

Rocky Evans founded the Chattanooga team that plans to start competing by spring.

Here's founder Taylor Duncan's testimony,

"My name is Taylor Duncan! I am 22 years old from Atlanta, Georgia, and I have autism. I am also the commissioner/director of the Alternative Baseball Organization, a 501c3 developmental baseball program for teens 15+ and adults with autism and special needs. The organization will officially be starting a club in Chattanooga. When I was much younger, I had speech issues, sensory issues, anxiety issues, and more that came with having autism… I wasn't able to participate in competitive sports due to the developmental delays. With the help of my mom, teachers, mentors, and coaches who believed in me, I've gotten to where I am today in my life: To live with the goal to inspire, raise awareness, and acceptance for autism and special needs globally through the sport of baseball. I started this organization to give others on the spectrum/special needs the opportunity to be accepted for who they are and to be encouraged to be the best they can be. The program follows Major League rules (wood bats, base stealing, dropped third strike, etc.), and is a true typical team experience for others on the autism spectrum and special needs. The program is expanding across the United States with existing clubs in Metro Atlanta, with new clubs forming in Chicago, Greater Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Spartanburg County (SC), Jersey City, Colorado Springs, Columbus (GA)/Phenix City (AL), with many more in the works!"

If you want involved or can donate anything please email

For more info, visit Alternative Baseball's website.