One would think cameras mounted in plain view, right there in the ATM just inches from your face, would be enough to dissuade anyone from a life of crime. Well, the promise we would get the picture of this suspect's face did not bother him. We hope that leads you to some honest cash.

Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller tells us what the guy has been up to. "Throughout the month of July and August we had several ATM withdrawals that were made by single suspects going to multiple ATMs. He is using multiple different credit or debit cards," Sgt. Miller explained. "It would be a bank fraud or theft. Multiple different things could be happening here."

The suspect seems to enjoy mixing things up with his appearance: facial hair, no facial hair.

"The suspect looks like he's about 25 to 35 years old," Sgt. Miller added. "He has a white polo hat that he's wearing at least two of the times he's at the ATM. He's sometimes wearing sunglasses sometimes he's not so he's trying to change up his look."

Nearly every time we see him, he looks to be driving a different vehicle.

"Maybe if you have a friend or family member that looks similar to the suspect, has access to multiple vehicles," Miller said. "When you call in, you're provided an ID number. No one will ever know that you called in or who you are, not even the investigator or who the suspect is."

We do not know how or where he is getting the credit/debit cards. That will be important information, too. But, rest assured, his next victim is out there and you will be saving them a lifetime of trouble if you turn this guy in.

"Absolutely," agreed Miller. "He's doing this continuously and he's going to continue to do this and have additional victims until we find out who it is. So, it's important, if you know who it is, even if it's a friend or family member call in and provide information so we can stop him from victimizing further."

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