UPDATE: One Central High School junior is suspended after the school's principal said she gave fruit roll-ups laced with drugs to other students.

Four students ended up at the hospital after eating the fruit roll ups. School officials have not said if she was one of the four students who ate the "marijuana soaked" fruit roll ups and was taken to the hospital.

"This is real. You've got to make good choices,” said James Smith as he picked his granddaughter up from school. “You've got to be careful."

That is the message Smith is repeating to his granddaughter, she is a freshman at central high school.

"It troubled me greatly,” urged Smith. “When I picked her up that was the first thing she said when she saw me, 'Grandad something else has happened here.'"

This is the second incident involving students getting sick from drugs or other substances in just one week.

Last week, Channel 3 told you about five Brainerd High School students who swallowed an unknown substance that sent them to the hospital.

One juvenile is charged with four counts of reckless endangerment for giving that substance to other students.

However, a week later, school representatives still will not comment on what that substance was or what happened to other students involved.

"At the end of the day anyway, we wouldn't share student discipline anyways because of FERPA and what's required there anyways,” said Hamilton County Schools superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson. “Our school leaders do a great job of dealing with school level discipline."

Smith is concerned to hear it happened again, but said there is no such thing as too much talking. He continues to warn his granddaughter about how dangerous drugs can be.

"I tell them just stop and think about it. See what's happening to them,” said Smith. “You're putting your life at risk. It's like rolling the dice. You don't know what you're doing. You don't know what you're getting."

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident at Central High School. The Chattanooga Police Department is investigating where the substance originated and the incident at Brainerd High.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Four Central High School students were taken to a hospital after an incident involving "fruit roll-ups" laced with marijuana.

According to a principal Finley King, the students received the fruit roll-ups from a student who had recently transferred to the school.

One of the students was taken by ambulance, and the other three were checked out by parents, and then taken to the hospital. The female student who brought the pot-soaked snacks was suspended under zero tolerance rules. Officials say most Central students were unaware of the incident because they were taking end-of-quarter benchmark tests.

The incident is being investigated by the School Resource Officer and the Chattanooga Police Department.