The Better Business Bureau put out a new alert out about a fake job scam that claims to be from Amazon.

The scam starts when victims receive a voicemail, text, email or message on social media that invites them to apply for a high-paying job.

A fake human resources representative finds victims online with the claim that they’re hiring people to post product reviews. The position pays up to $6,000 a month , and you can work from home.

However, new employees have to purchase a $200 “Enrollment Fee” before they can start. When the person pays up, the scammer vanishes. Officials with the Better Business Bureau said the marks include moms and dads.

“Kids go back to school, parents now have some extra time, and they might be looking for an at-home opportunity,” said Tom Johnson, BBB of Chicago.

The scammers scour the web for job-seekers, this includes people who have posted resumes.

"These ploys are actually going after people who need work and want money, and they are taking money the person can't afford to lose, and that's what makes this especially notorious," said Johnson.

Officials provided some red flags that these scams typically wave. No legit company asks for a credit check during hiring process or a direct deposit. Amazon does not require payment for any job training. Lastly, a few hours of work for big money is not reality.

Officials with the BBB asks anyone who sees this scam or something similar online to report it via ‘scam tracker’. Their goal is to break up the elaborate overseas phishing networks.