UPDATE: Three gas stations, three ATM's, but police believe there's just one suspect who placed card skimmers at the locations.

The Chattanooga Police Department handles one of these cases every few months.

While you may think it's easy to spot a skimmer police say technology is making it easier to steal your information.

Skimmers were discovered Friday at Circle K convenience stores on Amnicola Highway, Brainerd Road, and Shallowford Road.

“You put your card in there, it will actually scan your card with the numbers and everything. The next thing you know is they are using your card online,” said Sgt. Rebecca Crites.

Sergeant Rebecca Crites investigates property crimes. She says there is no way to tell how many people fell victim to the skimmers.

Police removed the ATM's to collect evidence in hopes of making an arrest.

“It's going to be a theft, definitely,” said Crites. “It depends on if it's over $1000. It's going to be a felony. If it's under it's going to be a misdemeanor.”

Channel 3 wanted to know how to spot a skimmer and avoid being a victim.

Jim Winsett, with the Better Business Bureau, says the number one way to protect your card information is to use ATM's located inside a bank.

“It's less likely to be tampered with in any way because it is inside of a store with a clerk, or someone can visually see what's going on,” said Jim Winsett.

If you have to use a stand-alone ATM, Winsett says to be aware of your surroundings, and look at the ATM before inserting your card.

“Look at it carefully,” said Winsett. “Look at where your card will go, pull physically on the unit to see if it's loose for any reason.”

If the ATM is loose, don't insert your card and report it to police.

In this case, a camera was placed over the pin pad to capture users entering their pin code, and a device was placed inside the card slot to read the card number.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Check your bank account, Chattanooga police are investigating after 3 card skimmers were found on ATMs.

The devices were discovered on Friday at 3 Circle K gas stations.

The skimmers have been turned over to the police department. The fraud unit is now investigating.

If you have any information that could help police, you are asked to call 423-698-2525.