A letter sent to McCallie parents this week contained details surrounding 14 former students who reported they were victims of sexual misconduct at McCallie between the late 1960s and 2000.

Four of the suspected perpetrators are deceased. In the letter, officials say that the fifth suspect is no longer believed to be an employee of the McCallie School.

McCallie's investigation said that none of the incidents were reported when they occurred.

The names of the offenders, according to the school, have not been disclosed because it may identify the victims.

In the letter (shown below in its entirety) the school apologized to the victims, saying:

"McCallie deeply regrets that any student experienced sexual misconduct by a school employee. On behalf of McCallie, we apologize to you. You did not receive the protection you deserved."

Additionally, the school has offered to pay for counseling for the victims, or if they have already sought counseling, the school will reimburse for past counseling.