UPDATE:  The work on TN SR-111 southbound continues after bidding to replace a collapsed 42" corrugated metal pipe on SR-111 South at log mile 1.50 in Hamilton County.

The site is the same area in which September 2018's sinkhole opened on the road that connects Soddy Daisy (and Sale Creek) to Dunlap.

The project will replace a collapsed 42" corrugated metal pipe on SR-111 southbound at log mile 1.50 in Hamilton County. That pipe actually caused the sinkhole, according to Jennifer Flynn of the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

The contractor is Thomas Brothers Construction of Hixson, TN and the project amount is $1,111,725.50. It's expected to be completed on or before April 30, 2019. Work has begun on the project.

Drivers should expect additional lane restrictions while repairs are underway. Flaggers will assist with traffic control as needed.

PREVIOUS STORY: A sinkhole forced traffic down to one lane on Highway 111 south while crews work to make repairs.

On Wednesday, TDOT noticed a portion of the road looked like it was starting dip. As a precaution, they secured the area to keep drivers safe.

The problem is in the right southbound lane right before the runaway truck ramp and the Back Valley Road exit. 

Crews dug out the area and put in a temporary fix until they can find a permanent solution.

Jennifer Flynn with TDOT said during severe weather they routinely monitor roads before, during and after storms. It's why they went ahead and filled the hole while they wait for Mother Nature to cooperate.

"We didn't want any more water being able to really get in there and cause any more damage, so we're trying stabilizing it until we can get in there and make the repairs," Flynn said.

Geotechnical engineers from Nashville were called in to excavate the area and determine what needs to be done to fix the road as soon as possible.

TDOT said this portion of the highway was recently repaved and was not even on their radar, but the amount of water over the last several days was just too much. 

"The water got on the road, and it started settling, and we looked at it, and were very concerned about it, so we immediately closed the lane," she explained.

Sinkholes have not been as frequent as slides, however. TDOT said sinkholes are more common near mountains.

You may remember in Rhea County part of the road began to deteriorate. TDOT said when water gets into the cracks, it can cause sinkholes to form.

Once the rain stops near the hole, officials will look into what needs to be repaired and what material needs to be replaced.

"We have stabilized the slide, but we can't do any repairs until the rain stops," she said.

Right now, the right lane is closed until further repairs are made.

Drivers are asked to slow down and be cautious while passing by.

PREVIOUS STORY: Crews have temporarily filled the sinkhole on Highway 111 southbound, but the lane is still closed to traffic.

Overnight, the depression in the pavement became a sinkhole, complicating matters for repair crews and drivers.

A more permanent repair will be applied once weather permits.

The affected area is near the runaway truck ramp.

PREVIOUS STORY: A sinkhole is starting to form on Highway 111 South in Soddy-Daisy.

TDOT is there and will continue to keep an eye on it Wednesday night.

They are warning drivers to be careful in the area and use the left lane for travel.

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