UPDATE: A Hamilton County family is thankful their son is safe from the flood waters.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office had to rescue an 11-year-old boy who was stuck in a whirlpool near his home Wednesday.

It happened during the height of the storm, on Moses Road near Dayton Pike.

Hayden Hale said he was out playing with friends when they came across this patch of water and decided to ride their bikes through it.

A friend fell in, so Hayden went to save him. That's when Hayden found himself in trouble and needing to be rescued.

"By the time I take my second step, I end up slipping and falling," Hayden said. "My stomach caught me. As I am hollering for help, he starts panicking. He runs to his poppa. They come, and he's holding onto my arm. They call the police. They come and pull me out. As I am doing this, I am kind of petrified."

His mother said he wasn't supposed to be outside, but their dog got loose while she was at work, and Hayden went after her.

"Terrifying," Hayden's mom Ashley Hale explained. "The most scariest thing I have ever experienced. It takes my breath away still, ya know? The thought, you know. He could have died. But, thank God he is okay."

Thankfully, Hayden only has a few scratches.  He said he is now afraid of the water and doesn't plan to go out and play in it anytime soon.

PREVIOUS STORY: An 11-year-old is safe after getting stuck in a drainage culvert in Middle Valley.

Wednesday afternoon, deputies were called to the intersection of Cofflet Road and Moses Road where a boy had become trapped after being caught up in rushing water, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office explained.

The HCSO said a neighbor heard the young boy scream. The neighbor then got down into the culvert and helped keep the boy's head above water until deputies could arrive.

Deputies were able to free the boy and help him and the neighbor get to safety.

The boy was not injured.