UPDATE: Friends and family are remembering the woman who was killed in the flood waters Wednesday.

Police have not yet identified her.

People who were in the area when she was swept away said they did everything possible to save her.

The man who tried rescuing her told me he and three other men saw her attempting to leave her home.

She was walking out of a wooded area with her dog when the water knocked her down.

The men said they ran into the high water to rescue her.

She was pinned up against the fence.

Allen Lewis said he tried to hold the woman's head above water for a few minutes, but the water eventually swept her under the fence.

"You're going to do whatever it is to help someone," Lewis said. "I don't think we done anything anyone else wouldn't have done. Just breaks your heart you couldn't save the lady."

Lewis said the two other men he was with were also knocked down by the high waters.

He spoke with the woman's family who said they are absolutely devastated by their loss.

PREVIOUS STORY: A person drowned Wednesday in Soddy-Daisy, according to Police Dept. Captain Jeff Gann.

The area, like much of the Tennessee Valley, was hit hard by flooding that spilled over banks of creeks and drainage areas, flooding into streets and backyards.

 This is a developing story and will be updated.