UPDATE:  Several counties continue to deal with issues on the roadways.  Below is the latest as of 3:15 p.m. Thursday. 


  • E. Boy Scout Rd./Middle Valley Rd. Closed/Flooding
  • Boy Scout Rd.(Hwy 153-Moses Rd.) Closed/Flooding
  • Roberts Mill Rd. Closed/Flooding
  • Igou Ferry Rd (Northside)@Sequoyah Access Closed
  • Windy Way/Hathaway Dr. Wires down
  • Hwy 111/Jones Gap Sinkhole
  • 4400 Webb Rd/Sailmaker Tree down
  • West side of the Railroad tracks on Hamill Rd will be blocked near Northpoint Blvd, due to flooding on the other side at Crescent Club to Adams Rd. to Kanasita Dr.
  • Shackleford Ridge Rd./Anderson Pike Tree down
  • 8030 Old Lee Hwy Tree down
  • 10000 Sims Harris Rd. Tree down
  • The Riverpark boat ramp, fishing piers  -  Closed
  • Hotwater Road - Closed due to mudslide 


  • Big Feet Creek Road at White Oak Valley Road - tree across road


  • State Route 305 northbound between CR-253 and OLD MT. VERD RD. CR-249 -closed due to flooding 


  • Hwy 68 heading to Hwy 27 just west of New Lake Road.  This section has sunk, but there is no hole.  Officer says it's rough but passable.

PREVIOUS STORY: The heavy rain and flooding is still causing some issues for area roads on Wednesday night.

Officials say the following roads in Hamilton County are closed, due to flooding: South Dent Road, Boy Scout Road, and Roberts Mill Road.

Soddy Daisy dispatch says the southbound side of Highway 111 is closed near the runaway truck ramp, due to a sinkhole.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Many people across the Tennessee Valley woke up to relentless rainfall, keeping law enforcement busy overnight as they worked to rescue people trapped on flooded roads.

A swath of rain drenched the region causing trees to fall and streets to flood.

Middle Valley was hit hard by severe weather. On Eagle Drive, roads flooded around the Spur Market gas station.

The owner, Chad Patel, had to delay opening because there was so much water surrounding his business.

"It looks like a swimming pool, and there's water close to the pumps and it looks not that bad, but it's bad," he said.

Regardless of how it looks, officials can't reiterate enough this phrase, "Turn Around, Don't Drown."

Driving through standing water can be deceiving, and you could put yourself and others in danger. It's why Patel doesn't risk it.

"I turn around and back to another road. Why? Because I don't want to take a chance, you never know it could break down my car," he said.

In a demonstration from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, you can see what just 6 to 12 inches of flood water can do to a car driving in standing water.

More than half of the deaths from flooding each year occur in vehicles.

Patel said if the water comes any close to his business, they'll close for the day.

"Yeah, if more water comes we'll close," he said.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office wants to remind drivers that you should never drive around a barricade, and when flash flooding occurs, it's just best to stay off the roads.

PREVIOUS STORY: Heavy rains have caused trees and power lines to fall, standing water along the roadways and flooding.  Here is a current list of roads that are affected.  Check back throughout the day as we continue to update the information.


  • 8700 Block Hixson Pk. Tree down
  • Hixson Pk./Warwickshire Dr. Tree down
  • 9200 Hixson Pk. Flooding
  • Boy Scout/Echo Glen Flooding
  • 7600 Hixson Pk. Flooding
  • 9200 Dallas Hollow Flooding
  • Dolly Pond Rd. Flooding
  • 7800 Gann Rd. Flooding
  • 1400 Yogi Ln. Flooding
  • 350 Memorial Dr. Tree down
  • 8942 Harrison Bay Rd. Tree down/Wires
  • Dolly Pond/Gamble Rd. Flooding
  • Middle Valley/Gann Rd. Flooding
  • Middle Valley/Thrasher Flooding
  • 9017 Dallas Hollow Rd. Tree down
  • 8333 Middle Valley Rd. Tree down
  • 8300 Middle Valley Rd. Flooding
  • Hamby Rd/Hixson Pk. Flooding
  • 13318 Birchwood Pk. Wires
  • 2817 Haywood Ave. Wires
  • 700 E. 11th St. Flooding
  • Dodson Ave./Infantry Rd. Flooding
  • Lake Resort Dr./Lake Resort Ter. Tree down
  • 300 Memorial Dr. Flooding
  • Dowlen Rd. Tree down
  • 3057 Lee Pk. Wires Down
  • 12500 Birchwood Pk. Flooding
  • Birchwood Pk./Sam Smith Rd.Flooding
  • Daugherty Ferry Rd./Dayton Pk.Tree down
  • 1701 Varner Rd.Flooding
  • 9045 Dallas Hollow Rd.Flooding
  • 6100 Highway 60Flooding
  • 2700 Hixson Pk.Flooding
  • Fair Oaks Rd./Middle Valley Rd.Tree down
  • 6500 Queensbury Ln.Flooding
  • 1321 Lovelady LewisTree down
  • Dallas Hollow/E. Ridge TrailTree down
  • Shirley Pond Rd./ Poplar Bend Dr. Tree down
  • 5420 Mountain Creek Rd.Tree down
  • Hixson Pk./ Hunt Ln. Tree down
  • 8920 Wellthor Cir.Wires
  • 9900 Smith Morgan Ln.Tree down
  • Dallas Hollow Rd./Hixson Pk. Tree down
  • 7100 Sims Rd/Sims Harris Tree down
  • 11930 Thatch Rd./Oak Dr.Tree down
  • 2900 Igou Ferry Rd./Corbett Dr. Tree down
  • 2418 Big Cedar Rd./Hixson Pk. Tree down
  • 8338 Middle Valley Rd./Crabtree Tree down
  • 4413 Paula Ln./Ely Rd. Wires down
  • 1320 Vanessa Dr./Aletha Dr. Tree down
  • 9500 Birchwood Pk./Harrison Bay Rd. Tree down
  • 8678 Bramlett Rd./Watkins Rd. Flooding


  • Blyth Ferry Road at Goodner Raod - trees, power line, and power poles across road.  
  • Armstrong Ferry Road - Water across roadway