Many rivers and creeks in the Tennessee Valley are causing some flooding after all the recent rain and more rain is expected for the rest of the week.

Rushing water fills the South Chickamauga Creek, flooding over walkways and into parking areas.

"I wasn't expecting this," Vicki Kauffman said, while she looked at the creek.

Kauffman and her dog walk the nature trail next to the creek in Ringgold almost every day. She was shocked when she saw just how much water the creek picked up since Monday.

"I thought ‘wow!’ It's more than I thought,” Kauffman said laughing.

With more rain expected this week, she said she probably will not come back for a few days.

"We're going to have to walk somewhere else- higher ground," Kauffman said.

Ringgold Mayor Nick Millwood told Channel 3, they are watching the creek but don't expect it to cause any flooding on nearby roads. Crews are out around the city preparing for any other issues the upcoming rain could cause.

"We have guys who've got some hard work ahead of them whenever we have a lot of rain like this,” said Mayor Millwood. “We have a lot of ditches, a lot of places where we're concerned with flash flooding that they'll have to keep cleaned out because it gets stopped up. That affects people's lives, so we've got a busy few days."

City leaders are also urging anyone who visits the nature trail to be extremely careful.

"Don't get in the water," Mayor Millwood urged. "That's really the advice!"

It's important to remember that flood waters can be very dangerous. It's muddy and dark so you can't really see what's in it.

Mayor Millwood said they will not close the park completely, but they do want visitors to be careful.