A new scam has prompted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to issue a warning.

The scam allows cybercriminals to steal people's paycheck straight from their direct deposit accounts.

According to the FBI, scammers will send an email disguised as human resources and that's how they obtain login credentials to your payroll information.

Once they have access, scammers will log into the account and change the user's bank account information.

The scammers even go as far as turning off notifications alerting people of changes to their accounts and reroute the money.

This is a new scam that even the Better Business Bureau hasn't seen.

"Well it's certainly new within the media at this point in time,” says Jim Winsett who is also the President of the Better Business Bureau in Chattanooga, “We are researching some of this activity, but you know it's a scam that's all perpetrated by phishing emails."

Jim Winsett says that this scam targets companies and suggests employers monitor activity for logins during non-business hours.

"If you’re getting ready to click on a link, you need to hover above that link. Hover the mouse above that where the address pops up and then you're able to ensure that or validate that it is the address is where you expected to go,” advises Winsett.

If you come across an email like this it's best to not click on any links or even respond.

Instead, you're advised to forward suspicious requests to your human resources department.

If you wish to find out more ways to avoid being scammed or to find what scams are active in your area, the Better Business Bureau has a scam tracker.