UPDATE: The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office says John Wesley Smith has been booked into the county jail.

Smith is the suspect in a deadly shooting that happened Sunday on State Route 56.

Officials say four people were shot including Smith himself.

Smith's wife Carolyn Powell, her acquaintance Christopher Hurst and Powell's father Jerone were all shot by Smith, according to the sheriff’s office.

Jerone Powell then shot Smith.

Carolyn Powell died at the scene.

Smith is charged with first-degree murder, two counts of attempted criminal homicide, 11 counts of reckless endangerment, and felon in possession of a firearm.

He is scheduled to appear in court on October 2.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Channel 3 is learning new details about a shooting outside a Grundy County home.

One woman was killed and three men remain in the hospital Monday, including the shooter.

Yellow crime scene tape is wrapped around a children's swing set and Halloween decorations outside the home on State Route 56 in Altamont.

The scene is as jarring as the details.

A father shot a man he once called family.

Sheriff Clint Shrum said Jerone Powell, 50, shot his ex-son-in-law, John Wesley Smith, 37, after Smith killed Powell's daughter and shot her friend, Christopher Hurst, 38.

"We think that he, that his actions, probably saved some additional lives," Shrum added.

Six children, the oldest 12 years old and the youngest a toddler, were inside the home when it all unfolded.

The sheriff said one of them ran outside trying to help.

"[They] actually tried to control some of the bleeding to one of the victims. And so, that's what makes it tough right there. And so we're going to prosecute this as hard as we can," Shrum said.

Next door, Terry Campbell is still trying to take in what happened and can't imagine the pain the family next door is feeling.

"Anyone would have done it. You're going to protect your family. Anyone would have done it," Campbell said.

Powell was also shot in the process.

The sheriff said Powell will not face charges in the case because Powell was trying to protect the rest of his family, including the children.

As he continues to to recover from his critical injuries in the hospital, along with his daughter's friend and the man accused of starting it all, investigators work to answer why.

"The scene was processed fairly easily. We were able to find weapons. But what happened prior to this is what we want to know. That maybe even the family doesn't know. Maybe just the deceased and Smith know," Shrum said.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: New details are being released about a deadly shooting in Grundy County.

It happened in the front yard of a home along State Route 56 on Sunday.

Sheriff Clint Shrum said four people were shot including the shooter, 37-year-old John Wesley Smith from Marion County, who is now in custody.

Smith's wife, 32-year-old Carolyn Powell, died at the scene.

The sheriff said Powell's father, 50-year-old Jerone Powell, who owns the home where the shooting took place shot Smith.

The sheriff also told Channel 3 the shooting appeared to be a domestic-related incident between Smith, his wife, and an unidentified man.

"We're just trying to find out when the shooter came what happened, what led to the shooting, were there words exchanged, and so that's all part of the investigation we're trying to put together for everybody," Sheriff Clint Shrum said.

Sheriff Shrum said the deceased woman's father and the unidentified man were taken to the hospital. The sheriff added the unidentified man has life-threatening injuries.

Sheriff Shrum also said six children were home at the time of the shooting.

The TBI has been called in to help with the investigation.

PREVIOUS STORY: Four people have been shot at a home in Grundy County, according to the sheriff's office. 

Channel 3 has learned that one of the victims has passed.

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum told Channel 3 the shooting happened at a home on State Route 108 Sunday.

Sheriff Shrum said the shooter has been taken into custody.

Channel 3 has a crew on the way to the scene.

We will keep you updated as we learn more about this developing story.