UPDATE: A Salvation Army volunteer team from Chattanooga is getting ready to head to North Carolina to continue hurricane relief efforts.

This team will help provide meals to those in need.

Three volunteers from The Salvation Army of Greater Chattanooga are set to relieve a crew already in Wilmington, North Carolina.

After being on standby for two weeks, the crew received notice three days ago that they are needed.

Kimberly George with The Salvation Army said the affected area is facing several challenges as a result of the severe flooding caused by Hurricane Florence.

“The flooding far outweighs it,” George said. “So when the waters going down, they will begin handing out flood kits which consist of a broom, mop, cleaning supplies.”

The team will go serve in a mobile kitchen truck.

They will prepare meals, like hamburgers sandwiches and stews, from the donations they've collected.

“It is a fully functioning kitchen. You have your three sinks for sanitation, a stove, oven and refrigeration,” George explained. “You have everything that you would need. Basically, like a food truck.”

A single truck can make between 1,000 and 1,500 meals a day.

George said when disaster strikes, people's adrenaline runs high. So, it's important to eat.

“We need to make sure they are being taken care of physically. They are not dehydrated; they are eating, that they have the proper nutrition. That is easily forgotten,” George added.

George said there's always a need for volunteers.

She also said when a disaster strikes, 100 percent of monitory donations will go to specific relief efforts.

“We can take that money and put it straight into the economy of the area that was affected, so we can start rebuilding that area,” George explained. 

The team of three will leave Chattanooga Monday morning.

You can find ways to get involved and make a donation on The Salvation Army's website.

PREVIOUS STORY: As some Tennessee Valley crews return home from helping with Hurricane Florence cleanup, others are about to leave to help.

The Salvation Army of Greater Chattanooga will be sending two officers and a staff member to join other Salvation Army units in the Carolinas.

Captain Nathan Jones, Lt. James Harvin and Drew Scott will leave for Wilmington, North Carolina, Monday.

While in North Carolina, they will help communities affected by providing hot meals, water and emotional and spiritual care for two weeks or more.

"As always in times of disaster, The Salvation Army is often one of the first relief agencies on the scene and will remain to assist survivors until service is no longer needed," a spokesperson for The Salvation Army of Greater Chattanooga explained. "The Salvation Army serves every zip code in the United States; they were there before the storm, during the storm, and will remain serving after the storm."

The Salvation Army asks that everyone keep them in their prayers.

If you would like to donate to The Salvation Army to help them assist those impacted, please visit helpsalvationarmy.org or call 1-800-Salvation Army. You can also text Florence to 91999.