Coolidge Park is normally off limits to dogs, but this weekend, you'll find hundreds of four-legged athletes there. 

They will all compete in the SkyHoundz World Disc Championship. 

Friday, some dogs were at Coolidge for the qualifying rounds.

Nearly 150 competitors come from Europe, China, Japan and Korea just to name a few places.

Organizers explained why they decided to have the competition near the river.

My business partner said Chattanooga's awesome; they have this beautiful park right on the water. So we came up here and were told 'no, we don't allow dogs at Coolidge.' So we were up here a few years and showed everyone how great it is, and they gave us an exception for this weekend for not only our dogs but for spectators to bring their dogs on leash. Peter Bloeme with Skyhoundz.

About 200 dogs will compete in this year's world championship.

The competition continues through Sunday.