POLK COUNTY, Tn. - Some people can't wait to get away from the supervision of their parents, but Polk County head coach Derrick Davis loves having dad around.

"It ain't gonna last forever, it's lasted for 19 years. I remember saying, if you just help me a couple years until I get my feet on the ground, well apparently I still don't have them on the ground because he's still with me," Davis said.

But dad wasn't always just helping. Before Derrick took over, Larry ran the program for 27 years racking up 166 career wins.

"Somebody asked me what the best part of it was, and I said winning," Larry said,

But let's be honest, they've had their share of moments.

"Well when we first started we had a little disagreement on a Friday night," Larry said.

"Like I said we're both hard headed and refused to give in and say hey I'm sorry," Derrick said.

"We rode together to school. We rode together, Monday through Friday, and there wasn't a word said," Larry said.

"When we got on the field we would communicate, but we stayed mad at each other for that entire week until we won Friday and everything was over," Derrick said.

"Everybody should grow up and work 19 years with their son and see what it's like," Larry said.

For the last 19 years, Derrick has lead his Wildcats on to a field named after his father. And he gets to do it with the man himself. Two lives dedicated to Polk County, where football is family.

"I can't stress enough how lucky I've had it having him here all these years," Derrick said.

"For you though, what keeps you going? Derrick,” Larry said.