More and more spider webs are now visible.

Channel 3 viewers have sent in photos of more Garden Orb Weavers spinning large webs. The reason this occurs is because of their lifespan.

A Garden spider's eggs hatch in the spring, grow in the summer, and are adults by fall. It's at this time the spider is making the largest web of its life.

'Ballooning' is a term used as spiders point their abdomen in the direction of the wind. The silk dispersed is carried and eventually caught on a plant, fence post, patio furniture etc.. This occurs mostly at night. 

The female spider lays her eggs only once, and when she does, the eggs are usually in the center of the web, closer to her so she can watch them.

Unless the female finds a warm place for shelter in winter (like our homes), she'll die during the first hard freeze, which in Chattanooga is around November 6. Thus, the reason why we see more webs in Chattanooga leading up to Halloween!

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