A woman tried to rob a Whitfield County gas station and ended up losing $5 dollars on the deal on September 14.

The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office says the suspect, described as a female, about 5-feet-5inches tall, and weighing between 240-280 lbs., long blond hair and possibly in her late 30`s came in the gas station, walked around for a while then she asked where candy was in the store.

The suspect, identified as Lindsey Ann Dean, then selected a bag of M&M`s and a Diet Coke, placing the items on the counter.

That's when she pulled out a pink stun gun and zapped the clerk as his back was turned, ordering him to "Empty your drawer."

The clerk picked up a nearby broom and dustpan, raising them over his head and chasing Dean out of the store.

As the Dean was running out of the store, she reportedly told the clerk "I'm sorry please don't hurt me," and dropped a $5 dollar bill.

Dean has been charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Whitfield County Sheriff's Office investigators say the case is still active.