UPDATE: New documents are shedding light on what led to a former Dade County substitute teacher being arrested.

35-year-old Amanda Pardue is accused of sending inappropriate pictures and messages to several 14-year-old boys.

Court records said Pardue used her cell phone to attempt to seduce a teen between May and August of this year.

Nearly a month ago, that same paperwork says the substitute teacher sent nude photos of herself to a teen.

That led to the Trenton Police Department requesting the GBI to help with what they called a child molestation investigation.

Pardue is out on bond with conditions and is no longer a substitute teacher for Dade County Schools.

Before her arrest, she had been a substitute teacher for the school system since September of 2016. Dade County Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris said there had been no issues with Pardue until now.

Attorney McCracken Poston who is not representing Pardue calls her charges serious.

“I don't like for there to be a rush to judgment about her, but this is one of those salacious topics,” Attorney McCracken Poston said.

The GBI said the inappropriate messages happened while Pardue was a substitute teacher.

On Thursday, a judge set her bond for $30,000 with sex offender conditions.

She cannot have contact with children other than her own. Pardue cannot visit places where children frequent like a park or playground.

She's also not allowed to have alcohol or drugs.

Channel 3 stopped by Pardue's home to get her side of the story, but no one answered the door. We also called and contacted her through social media.

Poston has dealt with similar cases.

"We don't know anything yet. Nothing's been proven about what are images and who they are,” Poston said.

As for Dade County Schools, the superintendent said there will be no policy changes for substitute teachers.

They will continue to undergo a background check and three hours of training. They also have to complete an online course.

It’s unclear when Pardue will be in court next.

PREVIOUS STORY: Former Dade County Schools substitute teacher Amanda Pardue is accused of sending inappropriate pictures and messages to "several" 14-year-old boys, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Pardue was a substitute teacher in three of the four county schools, but the superintendent would not say which schools.

A GBI spokesperson confirmed she did work at the high school. 

Her arrest is getting mixed reactions from people in the community.

"You're going to school to get an education, not an education in that," said Michael Brodie, who lives in the county. 

Brodie does not have kids in the school system but has several friends who do. He said he was immediately concerned when he heard about Pardue's arrest. 

"Everyone should have an opportunity to explain what they were doing, but at the same time these are serious accusations and they need to be followed up on," Brodie said. 

Pardue has been employed as a substitute teacher in Dade County since 2016, according to the superintendent. The school system has taken her off of the substitute list. 

A GBI spokesperson said the messages in question happened while Pardue was a substitute teacher. 

Many people in the county did not want to talk to Channel 3 on camera. But some said they knew Pardue personally. They said they were surprised, and that she's a "good person." 

Brodie said there are two sides to every story, and he wants to know Pardue's, but believes the allegations are too strong to ignore. 

"At no time should that teacher have been putting herself in a position where she was even becoming that friendly with a student to get their number to be able to text them, or email them, or whatever it turns out to be that she was doing," urged Brodie. 

Channel 3 is still working to learn what started the investigation and how long she's been sending the alleged messages. 

Pardue is charged with electronically furnishing obscene material to minors and computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation (felony).

She was released from jail on Thursday night.

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PREVIOUS STORY: A Dade County substitute teacher has been arrested for sharing pornography with minors and other related charges.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says that substitute teacher Amanda Lenea Pardue, 35, sent "inappropriate" messages and pictures of herself to several fourteen-year-old male students.

Trenton Police Chief Christy Smith asked the GBI to conduct a child molestation investigation on Pardue, and later obtained arrest warrants for Pardue after their investigation.

She has been charged with electronically furnishing obscene material to minors and computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation (felony).

Pardue surrendered herself at the Dade County jail without incident.

The GBI describes the case as active and ongoing. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the GBI at 706-624-1424.

Dade County School Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris sent a release Thursday afternoon which said:

"We are saddened to learn about the arrest of a former substitute teacher. This individual is no longer employed as a substitute teacher with the Dade County Schools. We are cooperating with law enforcement officers as they investigate this matter."