There is no 'why' for this murder that will satisfy, but there is justice for a killer who has long evaded it and long overdue peace for a family's wounded hearts.

"It crushed me," said Jowana Upshaw. "My whole world just fell apart." She and her sister Jowan Upshaw were 20 years old in the winter of '95 when they learned their mother would never again come home.

On the day after Christmas, Mary Evans had gone to pick someone up. Her body was found on December 27th in what is described as a popular illegal dump-site in Alton Park. She had been shot twice in the head, her body left slumped against a tree.

"She was a happy person," said daughter Jowan. "She'd help anybody she could. She taught us about God. She taught us just about everything I know."

Jowana agreed, "If kids needed shoes, if someone needed furniture at their house, she would make a way for that to happen."

Mary Evans had no enemies. There is no reason this family should have been left with such a void.

"She missed her grand kids growing up, she missed her daughters maturing," explained Jowan. "(She) missed her family, just being there, being loved."

Jowana says it is likely her killer was someone she was trying to help.

"You could be the devil and she'd try to get you to God," she said. So, that's why am asking anybody, please, give us peace."

It is a peace these two women have sought, but been denied for more than two decades.

"It's a confidential call," Jowan pleaded. "Just pick up the phone, call, you know? Just pray. Just call. Just have a heart and call. This is someone's life that has been taken. Just call and give that crucial piece of information."

"She was an innocent person; a strong individual woman," Jowana added. "She did nothing to no one. So, I just want justice for her."

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