The Chattanooga Police Department presented new data to the city council about where the most violent neighborhoods in the city are Tuesday night. The data was part of a presentation for an OVC Law Enforcement-Based Victims Services Grant, which was approved.

The data focused on the most violent crimes over the past three years, which includes homicide, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. It revealed the top three Chattanooga zip codes: 37404, 37421 and 37406.  

Courtesy: Chattanooga Police Department

Martha Bishop, who has lived in East Brainerd for four and a half years, says she has gotten used to waves of theft and robbery crimes. Her neighborhood falls under the 37421 zip code.

“When we first moved to this area it wasn’t like that. It was probably about two years in [that] we’ve had the problems,” Bishop explained. “There wasn’t a time that I ever felt unsafe. I still felt my kids were safe; I still feel the area was safe.”

But new data reveals there are more crimes happening in the area.

“I am very shocked to hear rape and homicide would be included in that for this area. Aggravated assault and robbery like I said not so much. Car break-ins, house break-ins it was normal.”

City Councilman Darrin Ledford (District Four) serves the East Brainerd area. He says the city's rapid growth is part of the problem.

“As we grow as a city so to our problems. We have to treat violent crimes with the utmost importance across our city as a whole. I think our police department is handling it and I think the communication channels are stronger than ever,” said Ledford.

But Ledford says the 37421 zip code covers three Chattanooga districts. It's why he's asking for specific neighborhood data to determine which areas have the most crime.

“We are basically comparing 30 square miles to some of the other areas that are only six square miles,” Ledford said. “I think this is only going to help us, but understanding these numbers helps bring awareness.”

Bishop agrees, but says she's proud to call Chattanooga home. 

“I still love it. I don’t plan on moving.”