Michael Ketterer, an East Tennessee singer, will perform on the America's Got Talent finale on Tuesday, September 18. He moved from round to round of the show impressing the judges on the way, even moving Simon Cowell enough in the semifinals to say Ketterer was "an extraordinary human being."

And then, Cowell decided to send a special shout-out.

"I'm going to send a shout-out to somebody right now, and that person is Garth Brooks. Garth, if you're watching the show, please write Michael a song for the final... if he makes it into the final," Cowell said.

Well, Ketterer made it to the finals... and Brooks, a country star, heard Cowell's plea.

Brooks posted a Facebook Live on Monday night while video chatting with Ketterer in the background.

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Ketterer tells him he's so excited to talk with Brooks, and Brooks responds by telling him, "Everybody loves YOU."

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